Halal Certification

When creating products aimed towards halal consumers, halal certification is how it becomes legitimized.  When a product is certified, it’s a symbol of quality and adherence to halal standards. Halal certification is provided by IFANCA to ensure compliance with the halal requirements.

IFANCA is a global leader in halal certification. Since 1982, we have worked to promote halal. We understand global halal standards and requirements and have optimized the halal certification process. Our process is simple, cost effective and efficient, and easily implemented.

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Why certify with IFANCA?

  • Globally recognized and accepted
  • Trusted by industry and consumers
  • Halal education & training for our client partners

Beyond Certification


IFANCA’s vision is to ensure everyone has access to the halal products and services that let them live a secure, satisfied life. We strive to best serve humanity by promoting food and health security and nutrition equity through local and global partnerships, empowering other established institutions, and uplifting religious and scientific voices.