What We Do

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Halal Certification

IFANCA is a leader in halal certification. Our team empowers different organizations to produce halal products. We train client teams in certification standards, assist R&D teams with scientific and religious guidance to develop new halal products, and solve problems using our network of affiliates and experts. Our globally accepted and trusted Crescent-M logo means one thing: “this is halal.” We promote our clients’ halal-certified products to consumers and make it easy for everyone to find and use IFANCA-certified products in their lives.

Our Certification Process

Education & Awareness

From halal certification to community engagement, we approach all our work from a place of expertise and education. We invite everyone to learn about halal and become an advocate for increasing awareness. Our roots as an organization began in publishing and we still invest in publications that provide halal resources—producing a quarterly Halal Consumer magazine, writing articles for various publications around the world, and contributing to research papers and findings. Our leaders and experts share their knowledge at industry conferences, and we host events to promote halal. IFANCA also invests in sponsorships and grants for various university partnerships and supports different halal programs and events focused on awareness.

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Building & Supporting Institutions

IFANCA’s vision is to ensure everyone has access to the halal products and services that let them live a secure, satisfied life. We strive to best serve humanity by promoting food and health security and nutrition equity through local and global partnerships, empowering other established institutions, and uplifting religious and scientific voices.

A Global Institution

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