Steps to get certified for Indonesia

Step 1

Halal Certification Application

Applicants begin the Halal certification process by filling out the form below. This step initiates the process of gathering the required information necessary for completing the certification. The client declares that the Halal certified products will be marketed in Indonesia. An application form will be provided upon submission of the general information. Products will be grouped by their type.

Apply for Certification
Step 2


After receiving the application, IFANCA will review it, reach out to the applicant, and establish an agreement on the terms of service. At this point, IFANCA will send the applicant a contract, as well as a fee quote or invoice.

Step 3

Technical Review

IFANCA representatives will follow up and collect any additional information about the applicant, company, product, and manufacturing facility. IFANCA will also double-check all submitted documents to ensure they have been properly completed. The company needs to prepare Halal certificate documents for their materials.

Step 4

Onsite Audit

IFANCA will assign a Halal technical auditor to schedule, plan, and conduct the audit. A detailed audit plan is sent to the client, explaining the elements and process. The audit is then conducted using IFANCA certification requirements criteria that have been adjusted to comply with SJPH (Indonesian standards). Once completed, a detailed report is sent to the client with any findings. If remediation is required, the auditor will communicate this to the applicant, providing an opportunity to correct the issues.

Step 5

Final Review, Decision, and Certification

After the audit has passed, the file is then reviewed by the Halal Certification Committee. If all items are in order, the Committee will approve the certification and an IFANCA halal certificate will be issued.

Step 6

Register IFANCA Halal certificate to BPJPH

The company’s representative needs to register the Halal certificate on BPJPH’s portal. Registration involves submitting an application letter, a letter of authorization (LoA) issued to the representative in Indonesia, the representative’s business permit number, a copy of the Halal certificate, the product list, and a statement letter. Registration must be renewed 3 months before the Halal certificate expiration date.

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