Assalamu Alaikum

In April 2009, representatives of the food industry and halal certification agencies met at the IFANCA 11th International Halal Food Conference, held in Chicago. The response to the ‘small group’ format, which allowed plenty of opportunity for one-on-one discussions and learning, was very positive. Further, staffers at IFANCA were able to meet the people behind the emails and it was a great feeling to receive kudos for our work, in person.

In “Shine with Sunrider”, IFANCA celebrates its 15th anniversary as partners. In “Supplements–Which, When and Why?”, we have insights on the importance of supplements, while “Birth to Three–The Golden Years in Childhood Nutrition” focuses on why childhood nutrition, especially from the ages of zero to three, is so vital. “Cranberries–Nature’s Medicine” tells us why cranberries are a woman’s best friend. In “Equal Service for Equal Fees”, readers will learn how they can get halal kitchens to grace university campuses.

Green Food Packaging and Why Halal Consumers Should Care” illustrates why packaging materials need to be halal-certified too, and throws some light on the opportunities associated with going green for entrepreneurs in our community. “E-Numbers: What Should Muslim Consumers Know” is just as eye-opening. The Holy Month is around the corner and “Ramadan” strengthens our spirituality, while “Easy, Breezy Iftaar Recipes” provides just that for readers. “Keeping E.Coli at Bay” is as much of a “must-read”.

As always our regular features, Halal Happenings, Halal-Certified Company News and IFANCA Mail Bag are packed with news and information. We’ve got a great update on newly certified halal companies. Yes! Ben and Jerry’s Ice-cream has joined the halal tribe, amongst other noteworthy companies. It’s such a proud feeling to see our needs, based on our faith and our values, being recognized by corporate America! As you can tell we have a very interesting issue within these pages. Happy Reading!


Naazish YarKhan
Managing Editor