2009 marks the 15th anniversary of Sunrider® International’s venture into the world of halal. As a direct marketing company, Sunrider offers an array of superior halal products, from skin care to color cosmetics, herbal foods and beverages.

Sunrider manufactures its products in state-of-the-art facilities with stringent quality control and unique, effective, and safe formulations. These factors contribute to achieving and maintaining halal certification and the uncompromised quality of all Sunrider products. Many of Sunrider’s 415 unique products are halal-certified by IFANCA and are available around the globe. Visit www.ifanca.org to see the selection of halal-certified products, and browse the company product catalog at www.sunrider.com.

We spoke with Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Chairman of the Board, and Founder of Sunrider International. A world-renowned herbalist, Dr. Chen has devoted his expertise to formulating products that are unique, of the highest-quality, and enhance overall health and well-being.


IFANCA: Why did Sunrider choose to get its products halal-certified?

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen: Sunrider has witnessed dramatic growth since its inception in 1982. It has always pursued ways to excel and to satisfy consumers who use its products. Obtaining third party, halal certification was another important benefit for our consumers, and we proudly display the halal-certified logo on our packaging. Sunrider products are of the highest quality, and we wish to share them with anyone who is looking to lead a healthy life.


IFANCA: How did Sunrider choose IFANCA?

Chen: We first learned of IFANCA when customers using our unique herbal products wanted to share them with Muslim friends and family. We wanted a reputable organization, with international recognition, to certify our products as halal. We contacted IFANCA to determine what we would have to do to spread our philosophy of health to the Muslim world, and they have been extremely helpful in ensuring that our products meet IFANCA’s high standards. We have had a positive and wonderful relationship with IFANCA.


IFANCA: What impact has the certification had on sales and customer satisfaction?

Chen: People who see the IFANCA certification know that Sunrider is dedicated to not only providing the highest degree of quality in our products but also customer satisfaction. Some of our consumers feel that halal certification gives them more confidence in our products and our company, and it lets them know that we care about them because we care about what goes into our products.


IFANCA: Sunrider has a gamut of products from nutritionals to personal care products and cosmetics that are certified as halal. How easy is it to manufacture a halal certifiable product? How expensive or inexpensive is it compared to a product that can’t be certified as halal?

Chen: Since halal-certified products must follow strict regulations in regards to sourcing, manufacturing, and purifying, there can be added costs associated with having a product certified. However, we feel that this is a small price to pay to be able to share our products with all those interested in them.


IFANCA: The nutritionals/supplements industry is booming. Are there products out there that promise more than they deliver?

Chen: Sunrider products are based on the Philosophy of Regeneration™. While some other companies may claim that one ingredient, one product, or one juice can be the miracle cure for everything, at Sunrider, we don’t just create formulas that focus on a single ingredient, ailment, or area of the body. Instead, our philosophy (the Philosophy of Regeneration™) is to provide nutrition to the entire body and to bring it into balance. Nature has created a wide variety of foods to nourish our body. It requires skill to combine the foods together to create a harmonious, beneficial product for people’s health and well being. It’s knowledge of this that makes Sunrider products special.

We research, formulate, and self-manufacture nearly 415 products, which is very unusual in the nutritional supplement industry. We decided to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in our R&D and manufacturing to guarantee products that are unique, effective, and of high quality. Our formulas and manufacturing process are trade-secrets, so no one else has our products.

Sunrider sells products to nearly every region of the world, and conducts business in over 42 countries, with China being its largest market. Asia alone has 7,000 retail stores. One of Sunrider’s hallmarks is its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The company recently doubled its capacity with a 1 million square foot manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, with an eye on advancing its manufacturing processes and accommodating future demand. With nutritionals being such an integral part in the quest for a healthier life, and given the ever increasing demand for halal supplements, Sunrider promises to be a leading manufacturer in the industry for decades to come.