There are few things that bring families closer than enjoying a meal together. If you want to take bonding up a notch, then how about cooking or baking together? Not only is it time spent as a family in this increasingly busy world, but it’s also an exercise in reading and following instructions. Children even learn how to measure and then share the treats they’ve made. For Kids in the Kitchen, we’ve gone a step further and added a dash of geography by choosing recipes that are reflective of the global Muslim community. It’s your chance to learn about the places where these recipes come from.

These tried and tested recipes for desserts have been recreated for young ones, dividing tasks according to skill level. First, send us photos of yourselves as you get busy in the kitchen. Second, in no more than 300 words tell us, “What was best about cooking as a family?” Winners answers/photos will be featured in our upcoming issues. Email your entries to


Syrian Baklava

Sudanese Baseema Cake

Indo-Pak Kalakund

Malaysian Banana and Coconut Pudding

Palestinian Anzac Biscuits