Assalamu Alaikum

Islamophobia has really been muddying the waters this year, be it attacks on Campbell Soup for having halal options or Muslims wanting a Community Center in Lower Manhattan. Given the negativity in the air, it is heartening to share the many strides that halal is making, especially at the retail level. Three IFANCA clients- American Halal Co, Med Diet, Inc., and Labayk™ products – launched new initiatives within weeks of each other. For the story, go to IFANCA Halal-Certified Company News, Hygiene Products for Hajj Pilgrims, and Brand New Concept: Then turn to Halal Happenings for a bird’s eye view of the halal industry’s impact on the global and North American food scene.

It being the Fall season, students are back on campuses. It is a good time to learn if Universities Give Lip Service to Halal? Halal Consumer Magazine also sheds light on business decisions and halal catering at hotels and in the food service sector. For details, read: Halal Catering Goes Mainstream and Americans Searching for Halal: IFANCA Panel at NRA Annual Show. Our contributing writer, Tayyaba Syed, shares other welcome trends with Halal Foods at Hospitals.

May God grant the Haji’s a blessed pilgrimage to Mecca and a safe return, insha’Allah (God willing). Dr. Ahmad Sakr details the foundations of preparing for the pilgrimage and some of its many benefits. We hope families will welcome the Haji’s home with recipes from Aisha Kureishy, one of our readers, who shares an appetizing East-Meets-West Eid-Ul-Adha Feast with us. Finally, join me in welcoming Mujahed Khan as our Assistant Editor.

This certainly is one of my favorite issues of Halal Consumer Magazine. We look forward to hearing what you would like to see in our future issues.

Naazish YarKhan
Managing Editor