Halal observing students on campus, even those who have no choice but to pay for food service as residents of on-campus dorms, don’t always have access to halal meals. Or, if you’re a halal consumer but live in Wisconsin or North Dakota or almost any town that’s not by a big metropolis like Chicago, LA or NYC, ensuring halal often means a 30 mile drive to the nearest halal grocery.

To fill this void, HalalHealthy.com, a division of IFANCA Client Med-Diet Labs, has come up with a brand new concept: halal certified products that can be purchased with a single click. HalalHealthy.com’s range extends from naturally halal products such as dates to 100 % halal certified ready-to-eat meals, 100% halal certified high protein instant beverages, beef jerky and even spices, all delivered to your door. Orders are currently being accepted.

“HalalHealthy.com makes it easier to keep halal even when a halal grocery store is nowhere nearby,” said Mr. Tymchuck, Director of HalalHealthy.com which is based in Minnesota. HalalHealthy.com has introduced a Variety Pack which offers a seven day supply of halal goodies and many traditional foods, even for Suhoor and Iftaar. It is available in three cuisines: South Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean/African. The Variety Pack comes with “Healthy Fasting Guidelines for Ramadan”, which have been developed by dietitians. It comprises both naturally halal products and 100% halal certified ready-to-eat foods.

HalalHealthy.com used the July 2-5, 2010 ISNA Convention to announce the launching of this e-commerce venture, in what was perhaps the first such initiative for a mainstream company. This mega-event attracted over 30,000 Muslims with more than 2000 attendees visiting the Halal Healthy booth. Over 1600 visitors to the Halal Healthy booth received free issues of the IFANCA flagship publication, Halal Consumer, and several hundred signed up for a subscription to it.

“More than 1,000 people filled out surveys providing vital data concerning the halal products and related site content that they’d like to see at HalalHealthy.com. We value these inputs because they will shape our website and its future offerings,” said Don Tymchuck, President of Med-Diet.

Besides the survey, “We had inquiries from attendees who wanted a Variety Pack when they were travelling on business and needed a halal meal to end their fast, and we had professionals commenting on it being an ideal pack to have when they were working overtime and couldn’t get home for dinner,” said Naazish YarKhan, Managing Editor, Halal Consumer magazine, who was at the booth.