Each year three million Muslims come together and perform the hajj in Mecca. In this blessed microcosm, pilgrims dress alike and are prohibited from using scents or perfumes of any kind. When it comes to personal hygiene products, besides scents, pilgrims must also avoid other impermissible ingredients such as harmful chemicals, haram animal products, and/or alcohol. There are options labeled “organic” or “natural,” but how many of these would actually be halal?

Amina Chaudary, like others intending to complete the hajj, looked for scent-free hygiene products that would be permissible, but in vain. She was not satisfied with the available choices. The seed for creating a line of scent-free products was planted. A few years later, she developed a line of hygiene products branded as Labayk™ (www.labaykproducts.com), which were specifically for Hajj. These include shampoo, face/hand/body all-in-one wash, moisturizing lotion, deodorant, and hand sanitizer. They come in two sizes suited for air travel and at this time are only available as a kit.

“Our products are IFANCA halal certified and made with natural ingredients, including some that are plant-derived,” Amina Chaudary stated. “We even made use of foods such as honey, pomegranate and olive oil, that are mentioned in the Quran, to formulate our products. Since we only use the mildest ingredients, the products are safe and effective on all skin types. The Labayk™ sanitizer is made with no alcohol or essential oils and still kills 99.99% of bacteria,” said Amina Chaudary.