IFANCA HALAL Certified Splenda® for Your Recipes

With the new year’s focus on weight loss, it is a good time to replace sugar in your recipes with IFANCA certified Splenda No Calorie Sweetener.

Splenda offers a low calorie option to sugar while closely matching the sweetness and taste of sugar in recipes such as in pie fillings, cheesecakes, sweet sauces, marinades and glazes. Recipes can be found at: http://splenda.allrecipes.com/default.aspx.

As for questions about its safety, more than 100 scientific studies on sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in all Splenda sweetener products, conducted over a 20-year period support that it is safe for human consumption. The data from these studies were independently evaluated by the FDA and international experts in a variety of scientific disciplines, to establish its safety. Moreover the safety of sucralose has also been confirmed by years of both domestic and international use.

Banana Cream Tart


California Garden® for a Halal Treat

California Garden (www.californiagarden.com), a Dubai based company, began with sales of three products: canned peaches, canned fruit cocktails and canned corn. Over the next 25 years, their markets expanded throughout the Middle East and Asia. Fava beans, canned in sauces suited to local tastes, became their lead product. Gulf Food Industries, the parent company of California Garden, received IFANCA halal certification for many of its products in 2004, to capture the growing trend of halal as a wholesome and healthy choice. Today, California Garden products are sold in over 20 countries. The company manufactures its own cans coated with white lacquer, to ensure long lasting flavor and to keep their cans rust free.

Here is a sample recipe for your next gathering!

Mediterranean 7-Layer Bean Dip


Authentic Tasting Halal Bases and Sauces from Custom Culinary™

IFANCA halal-certified Custom Culinary products aim to whet appetites with authentic flavors and quality ingredients. Created by expert chefs and supplied to food service professionals, their bases and sauces could very well be the ingredients in your favorite entrée at your local restaurant. Their IFANCA halal-certified product line includes:

Custom Culinary Gold Label Bases use real meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables to give signature dishes their authentic flavor. Only Custom Culinary offers the widest range of made-from-scratch flavors that give culinary professionals a wide range of menu possibilities. Custom Culinary also offers an array of healthy offerings including low sodium, no added MSG, vegan and vegetarian products.

Master’s Touch® Hollandaise Sauce & Demi-Glace Concentrates, also from Custom Culinary, are culinary flavor systems you can rely on to deliver the most authentic taste to enhance your signature dishes. These highest-quality sauces will enable you to create a memorable dining experience in practically no time at all. Crafted by our team of culinary professionals, these authentic, cooked-from-scratch Mother Sauces use only the finest, freshest, highest quality ingredients available.

Visit www.ifanca.org to learn more about certified Custom Culinary products.


Army Shares Sweet, Halal Secret with Civilians Worldwide

New York Post called it “the biggest military advancement to hit the mainstream since the Hummer.” According to Fox News, “If it can give a welcome surge of energy to a U.S soldier in the Iraqi desert, then it should do the trick for a runner, a hiker, a third-shift worker or even an on-the-go mom.” What’s everyone talking about? It’s Soldier Fuel, previously known as HOOAH! energy bars.

D’Andrea Brothers, LLC licensed the federally registered trademark Soldier Fuel from the Army as manufacturers/sellers of Soldier Fuel sweet, crunchy energy bars. A sweet respite from their jobs, the bars give U.S. soldiers that extra boost in energy and fight against fatigue. In fact, Soldier Fuel Chocolate Crisp was named “Most Loved Product” on Amazon.com’s ‘Health & Personal Care’ store.

Soldier Fuel Energy Bar Apple Cinnamon, Soldier Fuel Energy Bar Chocolate Crisp and Soldier Fuel Peanut Butter Bar all make the IFANCA halal grade and can be purchased on www.amazon.com, www.drugstore.com and www.navyseals.com amongst several other outlets, all of which are listed on the Soldier Fuel website (www.soldierfuel.com)

D’Andrea Brothers, LLC have donated Soldier Fuel energy bars to many worthy causes, including care packages for soldiers, tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka, hurricane Katrina refugees in Louisiana, and earthquake survivors in Pakistan.


Super Taste with IFANCA Halal-Certified Super-Pufft

IFANCA halal-certified Super-Pufft is the store brand manufacturer of choice for potato chips for North America’s largest retailers. Their secret to such great quality chips? The potatoes are processed the very day they are received. Super-Pufft is also the largest manufacturer of store brand popcorn in Canada. Whether its cheddar cheese popcorn, white butter flavored popcorn, or caramel corn in tubs or bags, you can be sure that Super-Pufft produces the very best. Serve these with Citrus Farms Apple Juice, or Citrus Punch and you’ve got yourself the beginnings of a party!

For a complete listing of Super-Pufft products certified by IFANCA, go to www.ifanca.org and click on product search.


IFANCA Certifies Fruta Vida as Halal

Brazilian Berry Destroys Cancer Cells in Lab Study

Juice bars did brisk business when wheat grass, blueberries and pomegranates promised health and goodness. Now, in health food stores and promoted on Oprah, are juices from the Brazilian berry, Acai. One of the companies bringing Acai, in juice form, to the U.S. is Fruta Vida International and it’s on sale at www.frutavidabiz.com. IFANCA halal-certified Fruta Vida is a unique blend of açai, cupuaçu and yerba mate.

This little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world, say researchers at the University of Florida. Published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, their 2002 study showed that extracts from acai (ah-SAH’-ee) berries triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86 % of leukemia cells tested. Stephen Talcott, an assistant professor with University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, was excited about the results, but cautioned that the study was not intended to show whether compounds found in acai berries could prevent leukemia in people. Other fruits, including grapes, guavas and mangoes contain antioxidants shown to kill cancer cells in similar studies, he said.