Assalamu Alaikum,

Before you wonder at the change of name at the bottom, let me begin by introducing myself. I’ve been with IFANCA since the beginning of this year in the media department and have now assumed Alia’s role as the Content Manager of Halal Consumer© magazine. We’ll miss her and wish her best of luck in future.

It’s time to celebrate summer again; enjoy the long, lazy days; plan holidays; and stock up on Vitamin D. Check out our smoothies and ice cream recipes that will help you keep cool as temperatures soar. This time round, we have taken research on creamy, sugary dessert very seriously, to help you choose between froyo, gelato, and ice cream.

As always, this issue covers a wide range of topics. It features a comparison of conventional and microwave ovens. In a world of tweets and textese, where everyone is hard-pressed for time, learn how the latter can be a source of quick, nourishing meals while ensuring portion control. You will also find articles on the value of grapes (mentioned in the Quran), and nutrition bars in addressing human dietary needs. If you were hoping to shed some pounds during Ramadan and didn’t, find out why by reading up on human physiology, in the article on Ramadan and weight loss.

If you’re one of those for whom life begins after coffee, then you’d be happy to know that this great American amour does have its benefits. Read up on its history and find out how it’s both recreational and medicinal: protecting against several diseases, improving cognitive function, and decreasing the risk of depression. This issue has information on its pros and cons to help you balance your lifestyle.

Given the ever increasing consumer awareness about halal, this issue focuses on a very vital ingredient in the food industry: gelatin. Do you know that in case you can’t find IFANCA halal certified gelatin-containing products or gelatin dessert in the store you’re at, there are vegetarian and vegan alternatives to non-halal gelatin? Our review will help you find out what to look out for when shopping for it and how to spot it on a product label.

Since it’s easier to be outdoors, satisfy your cravings at food truck festivals happening this summer. The eating options are endless. Our article on food trucks will give you a better sense of what this trend is all about.

Enjoy the summer, in our magazine and outdoors. As always, your feedback would be very welcome, whether via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Happy Reading!


Haniya Rais Tirmizi, content manager