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‘This is what is understood by the context of the Hadith since the answer of Nabi(s) to the question was, ‘Say Bismillah and eat.’ It is as though they (the questioners) were told, ‘That is not your concern, rather what should concern you is to consume it (wholesomely in the Sunnah manner) by saying Bismillah before partaking thereof.’ (Fathul Bari vol.9 pg.793; Qadeemi)

Hafiz ibn Abdul-Barr (RA) has emphasised on this point very clearly:
‘Similarly, the slaughter of the Bedouin Muslims will be permissible (for consumption) since they usually know of the Tasmiya (at the time of slaughter). lbn Abdul Barr (RA) has concluded, ‘In this Hadith, it is understood that the slaughter of a Muslim should be consumed and he should be regarded as having taken Tasmiyah upon its slaughter (even when one is not certain about this fact) because with regards to a Muslim, one should entertain nothing but good thoughts unless concrete evidence is established to the contrary.’ (Fathul Bari vol.9 pg.793; Qadeemi)

This import is borne out by other narrations of this same Hadith as follows:
‘The narration of lbn Uyayna (RA) (one of the Hujfaaz of Hadith) has the addition, ‘accept their oaths and eat’, i.e. take their word for it that they have taken Tasmiyah upon slaughter (and partake without doubts). (Ibid pg.793)

The narration of Abu Sa’eed:
lmaam Tabrani has recorded the narration of Abu Sa’eed though with a difference in wording that he said, ‘accept their word that they have effected (Shar’ee) slaughter.’ (and consume it without doubt). (Ibid)

The narration of Imaam Tahawi (RA):
Some of the Sahaaba (Radhiallaahu Anhum) questioned Rasulullah(s) that, ‘Some Bedouins bring to us meat, cheese and fat. We know not the condition of their Islam, (i.e. they are Muslims but of what calibre, we are unaware).’ Nabi(s) replied, ‘Check that which is prohibited by Allah and abstain therefrom. Whatever Allah (SWT) has not discussed, he has concessioned you. Your Rabb does not forget. Thus, say Bismillah (and partake). (Ibid)

Explaining this Hadith, Allaamah ibn Teen comments:
Concerning Tasmiyah upon slaughter carried out by others of which they are unaware, there is no obligation upon them regarding it. The (slaughter) will only be held incorrect when such evidence is established.’ Allah (SWT) has not made it obligatory upon any Muslim to be aware of Tasmiya upon the slaughter by another Muslim, since the slaugher by another Muslim will be always regarded as correct (accompanied by Tasmiya) unless evidence is established to the contrary. (Ibid pg.794)

The above should be sufficient to clarify any doubt in the meaning of the Hadith of Bukhari.

Importance of Muslim Unity with Regards to Halal Meat

Satan is ever prepared to bring about division as this will inevitably lead to the collapse of the Muslim Community. In his untiring efforts, he has overlooked no sphere of life to cause his mischief even to the extent of nourishment. Allah (SWT) has warned us of Satan’s inroads in this regard as has been explained already. Satan, possessed of a keen intelligence and discernment knows full well that once the Muslims cannot interact and mix with one another due to suspicion in regards to Halal and Haraam, this will bring about the much awaited split in the global community of Islam. To combat this, it is required that Muslims take courage and band together to solve this problem, irrespective of colour and race, since the commands of Allah (SWT) are universal. Due to this solidarity, the Muslims of South Africa, although a minority (around 3—4%) have progressed far ahead in eliminating this problem. With a bit of extra physical and monetary sacrifice, they have managed to establish their own abattoirs in different parts of the country.

If Muslims in other parts of the world who have, Alhamdulillah, become a sizeable community were to show such unity and get together, there is every confidence that the problem would be eliminated with little difficulty.

To conclude this, let us ponder upon the following words of Nabi(s):
The lawful is clear and the unlawful is clear. Between these lie matters of confusion. Regarding these, many are ignorant. Whomsoever falls into these, falls into the unlawful, like a shepherd grazing (his flock) upon a sanctuary’s perimeter, very soon falls into trespass. Beware! Every king posesses a sanctuary and the sanctuary of Allah (SWT) are His prohibitions. Take note! In the body resides a piece of flesh, upon its reformation is the entire body’s reform. Upon it’s corruption is the whole body corrupted. Listen! It is the heart.’ (Arba’een Nawawiy)