Back in the early 1800’s, pharmacists were searching for a way to make unpalatable medicine more pleasant to take. The answer was an easy-to-swallow two-piece gelatin capsule that masks the taste and smell of its contents. Today, the two-piece gelatin capsule is the dosage form of choice all over the world.

The world’s leading manufacturer of two-piece capsules is Capsugel. Capsugel offers capsules that are certified Halal by IFANCA. Capsugel capsules meet this requirement by purchasing gelatin that meets Halal requirements, and then producing capsules in its Indonesian facility that has been certified by Muslim governing bodies and are produced under the supervision of a full time on site Halal coordinator in a facility run by Muslim faithful. IFANCA and MUI the Indonesian Muslim certifying body supervise, inspect, and certify all production processes to ensure that all component ingredients, and proper cleaning and maintenance of all equipment fully meet Muslim religious requirements before granting the Halal certification.

In addition to meeting Halal requirements, Capsugel manufacturing facilities provide controlled conditions in accordance with applicable cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, using a gelatin dipping process on high-capacity automatic machines. Due to the high quality and hygiene of its manufacturing conditions, Capsugel does not use preservatives such as sulfur dioxide, irradiation or ethylene oxide for preventing or eliminating microbial growth. Further, all Capsugel two-piece manufacturing facilities have met the requirements for ISO (International Standards Organization) registration, and also have complied with standards related to the control of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE).

For manufacturers and marketers of pharmaceutical and nutritional products, using Capsugel capsules provides the ability to offer Muslim consumers the confidence that comes will full compliance with Halal certification. Additionally, Capsugel provides world-class service and support. And with over 140 years of production experience, our customers are assured of the highest level of quality.

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