An ‘Memorandum Of Understanding’ was signed on May 2, 2005 at the University campus in Shah Alam, Malaysia between Prof. Hj. Dr. Mohamed Sadek, Vice President, IFANCA and Prof. Dato’ Mohd. Shukri Ab. Yazid, President of the University. Under the terms of this agreement, IFANCA will make an initial contribution of RM 12,000 for a one year period for the deserving students to do research work on HALAL meals for schools and institutional catering, particularly in the Malaysian food industry. The students will conduct research and surveys, and the findings will be published in IFANCA’s HALAL Consumer magazine.

This research is being carried out as there is tremendous demand and popularity for HALAL meals amongst Muslim students in the U.S.A.; and the data that the students collect could be used effectively for the HALAL meal program in Malaysia as well.

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) have always been at the forefront in the HALAL cause here in the U.S.A. as well as around the world. IFANCA is dedicated to the promotion of HALAL foods; we work closely with the food industry and we lay stringent HALAL guidelines to ensure the highest quality of HALAL foods is marketed throughout the Muslim world.

IFANCA’s HALAL certification program extends over 50 countries, where our logo, crescent M HALAL, is displayed on products ranging from processed foods to cosmetics and even packaging materials. Locally, we launched Sabeel Food Pantry in October, 2003, which provides food and other consumable items to the needy individuals.

IFANCA also offers scholarships and rewards to the outstanding students in the local Chicago community.

The above mentioned grant/award would be initially offered for one year to one student, and would be extended to other areas of research depending on the outcome and success of this first year award. Hj. Abdullah Fahim, Director of IFANCA Southeast Asia, will be the primary contact for the disbursement of this award.

We hope that the research conducted is educational and beneficial for the Muslim students, teachers and the parents of these institutions. We look forward to a strong and mutually beneficial relationship between IFANCA and the university for the advancement of our Muslim students; furthermore, the various studies would build bridges of understanding and cooperation between the Muslim and non-Muslim.

Jazakallah khair, and may Allah shower his rahmah on the entire Muslim ummah, AMEEN.