I received the Fall edition yesterday and have already read it cover to cover. The ′Do-it-Yourself Udhiyah′ was perfectly timed as I have been considering the pros and cons of this for our family. Also can’t wait to try some of Malika’s cookie recipes with the Shortbread being on top of my list. Thank you!

-Sarah Kadir


Waiting for my fall issue

-Asima Rashid


Assalamu Alaikum.
May Allah make your effort successful.
JazakomoAllah khair.

-Tamanna Ferdous


I like mostly all (the) articles but specially Back- to-School lunches are so simple to make. Halal consumer website (and) its magazine (are) very informative & interesting.

Thank you Halal Consumer.

-Saima Hussain


Super idea, super journal masha Allah!!! Always was concerned about finding halal and safe food in the US & the (magazine) helps me in this. Was looking for safe cosmetics 4 (a) long time. Hope Amara ingredients are what I expect. Love the recipes too.

-Feruza Begim