Company and Location Description of Products Certified Halal
Advanced Nutritional, USA Dietary Supplements
Advanced Protein Systems, USA Colostrum Products
Archon Vitamin Corporation, USA Dietary Supplements
American Health Products, Inc, USA Dietary Supplements
Anderol, Netherlands Food Grade Lubricants
Big Train, USA Coffee, Creamer
MochaBiocatalysts, UK Enzyme-Food Processing
ChemicalBrown & Haley, USA Chocolates
Canbra Foods, Canada Salad Oil
Cargill Deutschland GmbH, Germany Plant Products
The Carriage House Companies, Inc., USA Peanut Butter
Chevron Global Lubricants, USA Lubricants
Davisco Foods International, USA Cheese & Dry Dairy Products
D. D. Williamson Colors, LLC, USA Natural Food Colorings
Dhanvantri, India Plant Extracts
EMO Chemicals Inc., USA Candurin pigments
Eurial Poitouraine, France Dairy Ingredients
Firmenich Bjorge Biomarin AS, Norway Food Flavorings and Ingredients
Fuchs Lubricants Co., USA Food Grade Lubricants