IFANCA was honored to play host to some very distinguished guests from Indonesia

Professor Dr. Aisjah and Mr. Endin who represented Majlis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) had detailed discussions with IFANCA staff. They were impressed with IFANCA’s commitment to Halal inspection and certification. They found several similarities in methods of inspection and evaluation of foods for Halal verification between MUI and IFANCA and suggested setting up of a mutual recognition procedure to facilitate halal food trade between USA and Indonesia. The guests also visited Lamb-Weston French Fries manufacturing facilities and observed IFANCA’s halal supervision at work.

Other visitors included Dr. Ichtijanto and Imam Mosykoer Alie who represented the Department of Religious Affairs, Indonesia. They visited several manufacturing organizations under IF ANCA’ s supervision and were briefed on IFANCA, its objectives and mission by its President, Dr. Muhammad M. Chaudry. They were impressed with the dedication and commitment of IFANCA in the halal supervision and certification areas, particularly its strict adherence to Islamic regulations on halal foods.