Love and Quiches Goes Halal

Have a craving for quiche or desserts? Check out IFANCA-certified, Love and Quiches. Susan Axelrod set up shop in her small family kitchen thirty years ago. Today, her entire line of products is halal certified by IFANCA.

Synonymous not only with quiche, but also with her carefully selected, handcrafted line of desserts, the company began as a simple request from a loyal customer for pecan pie – one with that special home-baked taste Susan Axelrod’s quiches were known for. Using all-natural ingredients, including real butter and Georgia pecans, Susan developed her now famous recipe, baked the pies and then froze them to capture the just-baked flavor her customers requested.

Love and Quiches is a supplier to restaurants all over the world. Products are distributed throughout the U.S., as well as much of the Middle East and segments of Asia. Love and Quiches’ Director of International Sales, Mr. Elias Sejean, has offices in Dubai and is focused on expanding the distribution of Love and Quiches’ products throughout the world. To learn more, visit While the website is directed at foodservice professionals, there is a link on the home page to a mail order site with a select group of products available directly to consumers.


Halal Baked Goodies from The Baking Company of Ukiah

Yumm.. delicious! The aroma of baked goodies hit you the minute you walk into the manufacturing plant of The Baking Company of Ukiah, located in Ukiah, California. Now you can find their IFANCA certified products: Challenge brand, Complete Nutrition Energy Bars, in Apple Cinnamon, Mixed Berry and Chocolate Crisp, in stores. Need a recipe for your own food service and industry needs? Well, The Baking Company of Ukiah, a co-packaging company, also offers recipe development services to their customers. No ordinary bakery, they specialize in vegan, organic, and other specialty varieties. A company committed to the environment, all their products are GMO-free or made without Genetically Modified Organisms, and most packaging for their products is recyclable.


IFANCA Certified Halal Supplements at a GNC Near You

Selecting halal nutritional supplements can be nearly impossible for Muslim consumers in the U.S. Nutra Manufacturing, the leader in nutraceuticals for the past 25 years, has decided to stake its claim in the halal market. Nutra Manufacturing now offers halal supplements at GNC retail stores, nation-wide.

To see current certified varieties, visit and select ‘search halal products’. The IFANCA website is updated as more products are certified.


TIC Gums Now IFANCA-Halal Certified

TIC Gums recently completed an audit from the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) and the company’s manufacturing plant is now halal-certified. Since 1909, TIC Gums has manufactured gums and stabilizers that are commonly used in the food industry. Gums can be used to modify the texture of foods and are often used as a source of soluble dietary fiber in functional foods. Many gums are derived from all-natural sources such as tree exudates, seeds, and seaweed.

TIC Gums is the #1 preferred hydrocolloid supplier to the U.S. food industry for nine consecutive years supplying a complete line of gums and gum systems: Agar, Agaroid®, Alginates, Acacia, Aragum®, Caragum, Carrageenan, Colloids, Freedom Gum, Guar, Guarcel®, GuarNT®, Inulin, Ticacel MCC, Locust Bean Gum, Nutriloid®, Pectin, Pre-Hydrated®, Saladizer®, Stabilizers, Ticagel™, Ticaloid®, Ticalose® CMC, Ticaxan®, Xanthan and Ticamulsion®.

The certification is an important milestone in the company’s expansion into international markets. It was also requested of TIC Gums by food manufacturing companies catering to the growing Muslim population in the US.


Re-Vitalize with IFANCA Certified Halal Re-Vita

More than 20 years ago, on a rainy night in Latin America, Bob Weatherly happened upon a young mother living with her newborn child in a cardboard box. In that moment, he made a commitment: Never again would he stand helpless in the face of hunger. He would dedicate his genius, his skill, his whole life to alleviating hunger and deprivation amongst children. His wife, Pat, made this vision her own and Re-Vita began as a dream. It resulted in scientific research about wellness, nutrition, and finding a solution to world hunger with their proprietary products including Liqua Health, their flagship product. LiquaHealth, is a “live” whole food, delicious liquid concentrate that is made using a unique cold-process. LiquaHealth supplies over 50 important nutrients and is fortified with pure spirulina and processed under 118 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve live enzymes your body needs. Recommended serving: two packets a day. The United Nations acknowledges LiquaHealth, as an approved food, not merely a vitamin and mineral supplement. When consumed daily, LiquaHealth has been shown to boost immune system function, inhibit immune system compromise, prevent iron deficiency Anemia amongst other benefits.

With Re-Vita’s One-For-One program, for every serving of LiquaHealth consumed, Re-Vita donates a serving to feed a hungry child. To date, Re-Vita has donated over 40 million servings.

Re-Vita also offers a complete line of nutritional products including calcium products – Re-Vita’s LiquaCalcium, available in Very Berry, Grapefruit, and Lemon Lime flavors, and Bones & Joints formulas work to keep your body supplied with the calcium it needs.

Re-Vita is a worldwide company, shipping to countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Philippines, South and Central America, Singapore, Europe, Africa and China. Re-Vita can also be purchased at


Halal Zija® at Local Health Food Stores

Zija is a nutrient rich health drink formulated from the plant Moringa oleifera. Moringa provides a rich and rare combination of nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory proper ties used for nutrition and healing.

Zija contains 30 grams of Moringa (fruit, leaf, seed), natural cane sugar, natural flavor, citric acid (natural preservative), agar, acacia and ester gums, fruit pectin (assists suspension), and purified spring water.

Available at your local health food store. To find out about all the ways you can Drink Life In® visit Zija at


Halal Coffee Extract Available for Ingredient Use from X-Café

X-Café LLC. ( was the pioneer in developing the first shelf-stable coffee extract. They remain the manufacturer of choice among the nation’s leading coffee roasters, beverage distributors, broad-liners and flavor/ingredient companies.

Coffee extracts are their only product and they ensure coffee’s great taste from seed to cup through consistency, freshness and modern extraction technology. As a result, their premium quality extracts have opened the world of coffee to an entirely new market – the Ready-to-Dispense (RTD) beverage industry.

X Café LLC packages its products in 1000 liter totes for ingredient use. Coffee extracts are used as an ingredient in other products, such as ice cream, gelatos, RTD beverages, iced / frozen drinks, and liquors.

The polyethylene high density totes are FDA certified, impact and chemical resistant, with an antioxidant barrier.

Contained within metal cages, they are easily stacked and shipped. In addition, they can be recycled by the tote manufacturer by calling them for a pickup request.

X Café’s Coffee Extract is also available in Bag-in-Box for beverage use in serving high volume food service accounts.


Mangosteen Juices by Xango Now Halal-Certified

XanGo LLC has captured the goodness and delicious taste of Mangosteen, in their newly IFANCA-certified halal drink, Xango. The Utah based company is a recognized category creator as the first company to market a premium Mangosteen beverage, XanGo TM Juice, to consumers worldwide. XanGo’s expansive operations include the United States and numerous international markets such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada. For more information on XanGo TM Juice, visit