IFANCA Award Recipients for a Decade of Service

1. Nutrilite, a division of Access Business Group, introduced the first Nutrilite multivitamin/multimineral supplements in 1934, and has since then become a global leader in nutrition research, development, and innovation. There are over 6,400 acres of Nutrilite farmland, where plants are grown and harvested in accordance with nature – using sustainable, chemical-free methods. On average, to assure freshness, these IFANCA certified halal tablets are stored for less than one week before they are packaged and shipped to more than 40 different countries. Nutrilite supplements are sold exclusively by Quixtar and Amway representatives.

2. Firmenich Inc. is a privately owned company that specializes in selling flavors to the world’s number one multinational manufacturers of food, drinks, beauty, household and fabric care products, as well as pharmaceuticals. Many of the everyday products you consume contain flavors certified as halal by IFANCA, for Firmenich. The company has a world market share of 14% and 4,800 employees.

3. Kraft Foods Inc. is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. Makers of desserts, salad dressings, pasta products, cheese and more, their products are sold in 155 countries and are in more than 99% of US households. IFANCA certifies certain salad dressings, mayonnaise and food products for their international markets.

4. J&M Food Products Company sells its prepared halal certified and zabiha halal certified meals to institutions to serve to their Muslim clients. Main course, J&M® refrigeration-free, halal meals are packaged in special long-life, boil-in-bag pouches or in microwaveable and boilable plastic trays. The company also prepares suggested menus for institutional use or general meal and special diet meal planning. Clients include international militaries and government relief agencies on an as-needed basis and on a contract basis, including meals for contingencies such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. Hospitals keep a supply on-hand for late or after-hours admittance. Every single meal produced under the J&M Foods label is certified halal by IFANCA. Meals can also be purchased online at www.halalcertified.com.


IFANCA Award Recipients for Five Years of Service

1. PepsiCo Beverages International is a world renowned maker of convenience foods and beverages. Many of their products available in Malaysia, Indonesia and other Muslim nations, are made with flavors certified by IFANCA.

2. Danisco USA, Inc. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of food ingredients, sugar and industrial bioproducts. Danisco ingredients are used in about every second package of ice cream and cheese, every third box of detergent and every fourth loaf of bread, produced globally. Danisco ingredients based on food technology and biotechnology are also used in other consumer products – from feed and toothpaste to biofuel and plastics. A majority of the food ingredient flavors, monodiglycerides and gums produced by Danisco Worldwide, are certified by IFANCA.

3. Abbott Laboratories develops and markets a wide range of science-based infant formulas, medical nutritionals, nutrition and energy bars, and related products to support the growth, health and wellness of people of all ages. Abbott Nutrition’s internationally recognized brands include the Similac® brand of infant formulas; the Gain® brand of growing-up milks for older babies and toddlers; the PediaSure® brand of nutritionals and snacks for children; and the Ensure® brand of adult nutritionals. IFANCA certifies many of their products sold in Asia and the Middle East.

4. Cargill Inc. is an international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and services. With 153,000 employees in 66 countries, they are the largest food ingredient supplier in the USA. Many of their products in N. America and Europe are certified as halal by IFANCA.

5. Hayashibara International, Inc. is a US subsidiary of Hayashibara Company, Ltd., of Okayama, Japan. Founded in 1883, their commitment to research resulted in Hayashibara becoming the first company in the world to commercially manufacture glucose enzymatic ally from starch. A leader in enzymology, microbiology, and biotechnology, their signature products in the U.S. are Trehalose and Pullulan, both of which are halal certified by IFANCA. Trehalose is a naturally occurring sugar with mild sweetness, low hygroscopicity, and is highly heat and pH stable. Pullulan produces excellent films that can incorporate flavors, aromas and colors. The films dissolve rapidly and cleanly, and do not have a sticky feeling like other film bases. The films create a good oxygen barrier, can be printed on, and can be heat sealed to form quick dissolve pouches. In liquid form pullulan has very low viscosity and be used alone or in combination with other substances. Pullulan is very stable to heat, pH and salt concentration. Both Trehalose and Pullulan are being used in the beverage, baked goods and confectionary industries.

6. China Mist Tea Company, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the premiere supplier of fine iced and hot teas for the foodservice industry. The company enjoys a reputation for quality and innovation in product and service. The brand is nationally recognized as the market leader for specialty iced tea in the foodservice niche. A majority of their products are certified as halal by IFANCA. The Company blends, packages and markets specialty iced teas under the China Mist brand and specialty hot teas under the China Mist Leaves® brand. Its two founding partners, John Martinson and Dan Schweiker, initially established China Mist Tea Company in 1982 in a Scottsdale garage. China Mist Tea can be purchased at www.amazon.com and at www.chinamist.com, and other locations.

7. Kontos Foods, Inc. manufactures authentic ethnic hand stretched flatbread, Kontos Fillo Dough & Fillo Products and are distributors of Mediterranean Specialty Food Products. Kontos Southwestern Flatbread was selected as one of The Best New Bakery Products for 1999 by the Eastern Perishable Products Association. In 1999, the American Tasting Institute named Kontos Roghani Nan, Kontos Tandoori Nan, Kontos Missy Roti, and Kontos Southwestern Flatbread as Outstanding Products in their category. Kontos Baked Spanakopita was awarded the 1997 EDDA Best New Bakery Product (Crystal Award of Excellence) by the Eastern Dairy-Deli Association. Their breads, desserts and gyro s have been halal certified by IFANCA, and are exported as far as Singapore. Look for the Crescent M on Kontos foods in your grocery store.


Recognition Award

Recognition Award For Dr. Thomas Vollmuth, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

Dr. Thomas Vollmuth was recognized for his outstanding work in developing halal procedures for evaluating proprietary flavor blends in the flavor, food and beverage industry. Currently, Dr. Vollmuth is the Director of Technology Support and Regulatory Affairs at Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company in Chicago, IL. Wrigley currently sell s a number of halal certified products in China and South Asia, and is working with IFANCA to expand its certification of confectionary products globally. Wrigley is collaborating on certifying flavor blends that are manufactured in the US and shipped to its gum manufacturing locations in China, Australia, the Philippines, Kenya, and Taiwan. Wrigley is a recognized leader in the confectionery field as the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of chewing gum.