IFANCA has been invited to participate in Halal Foods Conference & Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from September 24-27. The Saudi Economic Development Center and the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization are sponsoring the Conference. IFANCA has been invited to share their expertise in supervising and certifying Halal food production. Dr. Muhammad M. Chaudry will discuss IFANCA’s experiences in implementing Halal programs in different sectors of the food business. Dr. Jaafar Al-Quaderi, IFANCA’s Religious Advisor, will discuss the guidance of the laws on Halal food and Roger M. Othman will present highlights of IFANCA’s recent conferences on Halal Food. Saudi Arabia, home of the Kaaba, the Grand Masjid and the Prophet’s, salla ALLAHu alaihi wa sallam, Masjid is an emerging player in the Halal foods markets and a major importer of food products. This conference will serve to inform potential exporters of the needs of the region and the ways to produce acceptable products. It will also introduce the local food industry on global developments and what it takes to be competitive in the global food business. [RMO]