Food Rich In How to Eat Benefits/Harms
Apples Ursolic acid, fiber Any which way Reduce risk of colon, prostate, lung cancers
Beets Antioxidants, fiber Raw or boiled/add to salads Increase blood flow to brain
Black Seed Neutraceuticals Add to any food/cereals Prevent many ailments
Broccoli Vitamin C, beta-carotene Raw or steamed Fight infections, improves skin luster
Celery Calcium, iron, potassium Raw as snack Balance nutrients
Chili Peppers Capsaicin, vitamin C Add to any savory food Improve blood flow
Cranberries Anthocyanins, phytochemicals Dried or fresh, add to salads Reduce cholesterol, fights infections
Eggs Zinc, iron, protein, choline Any which way Increase blood flow, more cholesterol
Figs Calcium, fiber Fresh or dried Prevent bone loss, reduce risk of cancer
Fish Good fat omega-3 Broiled, grilled, baked Reduce cholesterol, increase blood flow
Grapefruit Vitamin C, fiber Just peel and eat Fight infections, reduces risk of cancer
Green Peppers Vitamin C Add to salads Fight infections, improves skin luster
Green Tea Antioxidants, flavonoids Beverage Prevent heart disease and cancer
Honey Sugars, nutritional factors Sweetener, dessert Elixir, healing effects
Kiwi Fruit Antioxidants, lutein Fresh or dried Fights free radicals, prevents cancer
Lamb Iron, omega-3 fat Grill, broil, sear Prevent stroke and anemia
Mustard Selenium, manganese Add to stew or hot dog Prevent heart disease, boosts immune system
Mustard Greens Vitamins A & K, selenium Boiled, pureed Boosts immune system, food supplement
Olive Oil Healthy fatty acids Light cooking on salads Improves cardiovascular system
Olives Nutritional factors Pickled Feel good heart-healthy food
Tomatoes Lutein, flavonoids In salad or cooking Prevent cancer, boost immunity
Turmeric Curcumin, phytochemicals Spice, coloring food Many medicinal effects
Yogurt Live cultures, calcium Plain or with fruit Many benefits, soothes digestive system


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