Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr, IFANCA Director and Religious Advisor & Dr. Muhammad M. Chaudry, IFANCA President, at the International Halal Food 2008 Conference in Istanbul

The Food Auditing and Certification Research Association (GIMDES), a Turkish Association created for the Inspection and Certification of Food and Supplies, held its International Halal Food Conference (HALAL FOOD 2008) Sunday, February 24, 2007 in the beautiful city of Istanbul. Dr. Ahmed H. Sakr, IFANCA Director and Religious Advisor, and Dr. Muhammad M. Chaudry, IFANCA President, represented the organization there. The conference was a strategic initiative aimed at:

  • Maximizing opportunities for Turkey as an exporter to Halal importing markets
  • Promoting Turkey as a highly competent producer and manufacturer of halal products
  • Engendering confidence in consumers and governments of importing countries about the authenticity and high quality of Turkey’s halal products
  • Facilitating the flow of investment funds from halal importing countries to Turkey

In his opening remarks, Professor M. Huseyin Buyukozer, Chairman of the association, emphasized the importance of halal certification for Turkey. Turkish exports to Africa and the Middle East could exceed $20 billion annually if halal certification were in place. President Ömer Bolat, too, stated that many countries require halal certificates for their imports and that Turkey finds itself at a disadvantage in these markets due to the lack of a certification system. Several international and local speakers reiterated the fact that halal certification in Turkey was long overdue and offered support while sharing their experiences in other countries. Singapore was the first nation to have halal certification, ever. Its food and beverage shipments to the United Arab Emirates jumped 67 per cent last year, and hit 171 million Singapore dollars (121 million US dollars), with the UAE’s recognition of the city-state’s halal certification system. Notable speakers included Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr from IFANCA, Professor Ahmet Akgunduz from Holland and Dr. Nadratuzaman Hosen from LP-POM/MUI Indonesia. Dr. Muhammad M. Chaudry also participated in several meetings and discussions.


IFANCA Canada Participates at SIAL MONTREAL 2008 – Halal Workshop

April 24, 2008, Montreal – IFANCA participated at SIAL Montreal 2008, an international trade show organized at Palais Des Congres De Montreal, in downtown Montreal. Opening remarks were made by Ms. Sandra Gagne, Regional Director, Quebec Regional Office (Montreal), Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Mr. David Hunter, Managing Director, Canadian Halal Export Alliance spoke about the Global Halal Food Market. Haider Khattak, Food Scientist and Halal Auditor, IFANCA Canada, emphasized the growing business opportunities for Canadian food companies. Food professionals and government representatives attended the Halal Workshop and were introduced to the Halal Certification program. At the end of the presentation, IFANCA’s official publication, Halal Consumer, was distributed amongst all the participants. Attendees at SIAL Montreal numbered 12,461 professionals from the food distribution and agrifood industries as well as restaurant procurement services. Visitors to the exhibition came from all over Canada as well as from about thirty US states and more than 60 countries over five continents. Some 550 businesses in Canada, the USA and about thirty other countries exhibited their wares (grocery products, fruit and vegetables, meat, frozen foods, dairy products, organic foods, etc.) over 200,000 square feet of space.


2008 Thanksgiving Turkey Drive Underway

Six hundred turkeys were delivered in 2007 as part of the Thanksgiving Turkey Drive conducted by American Muslims for Activism and Learning (AMAL) and Sabeel Food Pantry. In 2008, the organizers are planning to add an Islamic school and Islamic centers, in addition to the two locations served in 2007.

Donations can be sent to: AMAL, P.O. Box 2187, Chicago, IL 60690 or online using PayPal at www.sabeelpantry.org.