Roger Othman

Mr. Roger Othman graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in Chemical and Aerospace Engineering, and has had a diverse career. He spent much of his career in the oil industry in domestic and foreign assignments in process design, process operations, technical services, total quality management and strategic planning. Roger also spent time as a trader on the IMM. Roger has served on the Board of Directors of the Mosque Foundation and its Executive Committee. He has also served on the IFANCA Board of Directors and worked in a number of areas, including publications, inspections and Halal supervision. Roger served as the first Managing Director of IFANCA and as editor of the Islamic Perspectives newsletter, Halal Consumer magazine and Halal Digest Newsletter. He currently serves as the IFANCA Webmaster.


Mimin Sembiring

Ms. Mimin Sembiring joined IFANCA in 1999. She heads the Certification Department, which issues certificates to client companies. She also works with the Accounting Department to prepare invoices for annual and shipment certification fees. Mimin is originally from Indonesia and speaks English and Indonesian. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from Indonesia.


Grace Tjahjono

Ms. Grace Tjahjono joined IFANCA in 2001. She is an assistant to Dr. Muhammad Chaudry and handles all aspects of setting up certification for new clients, including the application process, producing contracts and invoicing, and she schedules yearly inspections. Grace also organizes the IFANCA annual International Halal Food Conferences. She speaks English and Indonesian, and is proficient in Dutch.


Sameena Rahim

Ms. Sameena Rahim has worked at IFANCA since 2004. Sameena heads the Accounting Department where she handles IFANCA accounts payable and accounts receivable, IFCE and IFANCA Canada accounts, payroll, and all related financial matters. Sameena is originally from Pakistan and speaks Urdu and English.