Assalamu Alaikum

IFANCA recently contributed to market research for Packaged Facts that was compiled as a report titled, ‘MarketTrend: Kosher- and Halal-Certified Foods in the U.S.’ the following are some key highlights of the report: “With sanitation, supervision, inspection, prohibitions against certain ingredients, and ‘truth in labeling’ there is every reason to expect the increasingly discerning U.S. food shopper to choose certified halal over their conventional counterparts.”

The report also indicates that “companies should consider the marketing push and public perception of safety that comes with certification and the far broader export opportunities that come with halal certification. The potential customer base is vast… Because the sacred teachings of Islam emphasize respect for the land and living things, halal foods also address the concerns of the ethical consumerism movement.”

As we at IFANCA have been saying all these years, certification in itself brings publicity. Today, with statistics indicating that the halal market is around trillion dollars, and frequent news of multi-national companies acquiring halal certification, everyone recognizes the worth of the halal financial pie. We, however, know that such awareness doesn’t materialize overnight. The seeds were sown by pioneer organizations such as IFANCA and some visionary companies years ago. We nurtured those seeds by staying committed to our cause, our values and our clients. Halal food producers and halal certifiers have been working together in the service of halal consumers worldwide, and promoting the growing halal movement. As halal gathers momentum, we’d like to reiterate our commitment to serving the halal consumer, and our commitment to the food industry in helping it serve the halal consumer.


Muhammad Munir Chaudry
President, IFANCA