Assalamu Alaikum

IFANCA was pleased to host the 13th International Halal Food Conference in Chicago, IL this past April. We welcomed attendees and speakers from across the globe. This year’s focus was on the need for uniformity in halal certification, mutual recognition among halal certifiers, and a global halal standard.

IFANCA first met with the USDA in 1986 to initiate an American halal standard, and I’m happy to report that we now have consensus and a plan for cooperation between IFANCA, the country’s longest standing halal certifying agency, America’s largest and oldest Islamic organization—the Islamic Society of North America, (ISNA), and the newly-formed American Halal Association. These three entities will work together to create a common halal standard, plus a monitoring and accreditation entity. Regulators and consumers alike have been calling for this cooperation and initiative, and IFANCA is offering full support and assistance in its establishment. The success of this initiative will increase the acceptance and credibility of halal certified products in domestic and export markets.

Finally, among our many client companies who were honored with awards, it was our privilege to recognize Abbott Nutrition as the Company of the Year. Abbott Nutrition is on the forefront in recognizing the value of the halal consumer in America and abroad; we congratulate them.


Muhammad Munir Chaudry
President, IFANCA