Asalam Alaikum. Thank you for picking up a copy of Halal Consumer magazine. We hope you will find it both interesting and informative. Perhaps many of you are already familiar with the IFANCA crescent symbol on your Halal food purchases. But did you know, besides food, we also certify the ingredients of other industrial and consumer products, packaging materials, and chemicals?

For instance, IFANCA-certified USANA offers a range of skin and personal products. It also has nutritional supplements. For the longest, consuming gelatin capsules meant being unsure of whether the capsule was made of permissible or haram gelatin. We’ve featured companies in this issue, that lay your concerns to rest. For the Muslim consumer, the benefits of IFANCA Halal certification are clear: knowing a product is Halal certified by us means not needing to check all the ingredients. Purchases can be made with the assurance that a product does not contain anything that is haram or doubtful. What about manufacturers and producers? What benefits do they receive from IFANCA Halal certification? The benefits for them are just as great. For starters, they get the expertise of the IFANCA staff in reviewing their products, the ingredients, the preparation and processing, and the hygiene and sanitation procedures. Of course, since this is all done confidentially, competitors don’t learn details about a product. However, it does provide independent third party quality assurance, which is valued by the consumer.

We attended the World Halal Forum and the International Halal Food Conference in 2005. These conferences signified global efforts to develop Halal standards that the entire industry can one day adopt. It was about networking amongst the world’s industry leaders and making the development and acceptance of Halal standards in the industry essential. IFANCA currently certifies Halal food production in over 50 countries around the globe. Our certified products are sold in nearly every country of the world.

These are important times for the industry but completing the circle are Halal consumers. Informed, conscientious Muslims are our strongest allies. It is your demand for Halal certified products that will make Halal a globally familiar word, a word synonymous with quality and nutritious eating and indicative of the adherence to Prophet Muhammad(s) and his sunnah.


Dr. Muhammad Munir Chaudry
President, Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America