The word halal, sometimes written as halaal or helal, is increasingly becoming a part of daily usage as a growing number of companies have begun producing halal products. According to the Daily Mail, 9/24/2008, the global market is now estimated to be worth £300 billion a year (other estimates vary). The publication also reported that Nestlé, the world’s largest food manufacturer, produces halal products in 75 of its 480 plants worldwide, to meet a growing demand for food products acceptable to Muslim and halal consumers. According to, that move earned Nestlé $3 billion in annual sales in Muslim countries. Like other companies looking to expand their market share and meet the growing demand for halal products, Abbott Nutrition will have almost all its products halal certified during 2009.

All major food, pharmaceutical and personal care product manufacturers produce and market at least some of their products as halal certified and all of them do business with Muslim countries. These companies symbolize a growing movement, influenced by halal consumers, to provide halal certified products. In its natural progression the halal certification movement, which started with meat and poultry, then food products and food ingredients, has now expanded to nutritional products, cosmetics and other consumables. During 2008, IFANCA started receiving calls from major pharmaceutical companies to have vitamins and even vaccines halal certified. IFANCA clients such as Nutrilite, Sunrider, Aloe Corp., At Last Naturals, Toms of Maine, USANA Health Sciences, General Nutrition Corporation, Herbalife, Neways, Pharmanex, Melaleuca and many other manufacturers market a large number of halal certified nutritional and cosmetic products. Looking ahead to 2009, we are projecting that our work in halal certification will, insha’Allah, bring halal consumers worldwide even more products that proudly display halal logos on their packaging.

Have a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous New Year!


Muhammad Munir Chaudry
President, IFANCA