Spotted a birthday cake shaped and decorated like the Kabah, a masjid or a castle in a Muslim home? It’s probably a taste-to-die-for that’s come out of Masooda Rahman’s oven.

Masooda began baking and cooking at age 10 and hasn’t stopped since. All that practice has made her quite the expert. What began as a hobby evolved into baking and decorating cakes for friends and family and today is a growing business.

“I believe that any one can become a good baker as long as they are willing to work through the mistakes and disasters,” says Masooda. “Keep on trying, do not give up after a failure, be persistent,” she advises.

I’ve heard cooks and bakers say that it’s therapeutic when they’re working with the ingredients and using their hands. I wondered if Masooda would agree. What draws her to the process?

“Baking can be very calming. Your mind is only on the recipe at hand. Every step of the process from mixing, to blending, to stirring is quite rhythmic and soothing,” says Masooda.

Hmmm … Having a bad day? Maybe it’s time to bring out your baking pans and oven mitts!


Masooda’s Cookbook

“Next time you have guests, why not greet them with some finger foods that are perfect for entertaining?” asks Masooda. These are her own variations of recipes that she’s used throughout the years. Enjoy!


Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

Garlic Sauce

Banana Chocolate Samosas

Chocolate Mousse Napoleons with Strawberries & Cream

Masooda Rahman is a culinary expert specializing in pastries and cakes. She will be Halal Consumer magazine’s resident chef and baker. Questions can be e-mailed to her at