Assalaamu alaikum,

This issue marks the end of another successful year for Halal Consumer Magazine. Our parent organization, IFANCA, celebrated its fortieth anniversary, and Halal Consumer celebrated twenty-three years of publication. We hope you’ve enjoyed the myriad of articles and recipes published in our magazine over the years.

Our cover story focuses on the brain. It’s arguably the most important organ in the body, and you’ll find tips for how to keep it healthy on page 12. One way to keep it working smoothly is through regular physical activity. Exercise can help strengthen the connections between your brain and muscles, as you’ll find in the neuromuscular training article on page 24. Social media also has quite an impact on our mental health. Read the article “Mental Wellness and Social Media” on page 16 for suggestions on how to disconnect.

This issue also explores alternative protein options, such as cultured, plant-based, or fermented. For the full story, read “Food for Thought: The Alternative Protein Revolution” on page 8. Another important food trend is fiber. Although health professionals have encouraged us to add more fiber to our diets for some time, many of us still don’t get enough. Find some ways to sneak more fiber into your diet in the article on page 6.

Earlier this year, IFANCA hosted a banquet and conference as part of its fortieth-anniversary celebration. We’ve featured the companies that sponsored the event and those that took home awards at the banquet in the article on page 34. Want to read about what else we’ve been doing? Explore the photo story featured in the article “IFANCA Joins UNICEF Delegation to Jordan as Part of Ongoing Partnership to Address Food and Health Insecurity” on page 28.

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Alison DeGuide, editor