Assalamu alaikum,

As winter arrives in the Midwest, we’ll try to keep you warm with this issue’s articles and recipes. If you are turning purple from cold, warm up with a “Plethora of Purple Produce” and consider replacing the usual vegetables with heirloom and colorful varieties.

Maintaining a healthy diet might help you combat the rigors of winter. Check out “Vitamins and Minerals” for information on how these critical components support a healthy body. While you probably don’t need it, read “Weight Management…” in case you or a loved one enjoyed too much turkey over the holidays!

Meat and dairy are good sources of some important vitamins and minerals. If you follow a vegan diet, you may be missing some of these. “Going Vegan…” provides some ideas on how to make sure you consume the right foods to obtain all the necessary nutrients.

As you do shop for groceries, you may notice terms on food labels that aren’t quite clear. “Natural, Organic, and Synthetic” offers some explanation of these terms and how some are regulated and others are not.

While shopping you will notice pomegranates in the fruit stands. One of the oldest known fruits, and a fruit mentioned in the Quran, Pomegranates are a good source of nutrients. “Pomegranates” considers the versatility of the fruit and how it can be consumed in different forms.

In addition to diet, exercise is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With the colder weather, consider “Pilates…” to realign your mind and body.

Of course, before beginning any new exercise or diet, consult a physician.

As I brave the frigid temperatures of the Midwest wearing a hat and hood, I notice many out there with their heads uncovered. A big difference seems to be they are not ‘hair challenged!” “Hair…” provides some insight into the utility of hair as well as what you can do about hair loss.

Finally, be sure to try out the recipes and share your comments with us via email, Facebook, or Twitter.



Roger M. Othman, editor