Assalamu Alaikum,

New year, new you? That’s how the saying goes. Many of us, perhaps by tradition, like to resolve that we will be a better version of ourselves in the coming year. And many of us fail, usually because the goals we’ve set forth are too lofty.

Rather than proclaiming to change your life in dramatic ways (e.g., giving up pop altogether, exercising daily, losing 20 pounds), it seems more realistic to take small steps toward a greater end. Some of the articles in this issue might be helpful in getting you to reach that goal of a healthier, happier new you.

I’ve been trying to eat less white flour these days; white flour doesn’t give me the fiber I need in my diet. “Flour Power” is a good start to getting you familiar with the incredible number of other flours that are available. I thought chickpeas were best for hummus; I had no idea you could make flour out of them!

There’s been so much talk about essential oils the past few years and the amazing benefits they can add to your life. If you’ve heard the talk but still don’t know much on the subject, check out “The Power of a Single Drop” for some great info on the wide variety of oils and their best uses.

Certain essential oils can help relieve headaches. But, did you know there are many different kinds of headaches? They aren’t all the same; therefore, treating them is not the same. Find out more about the different types of headaches and what you can do to not only reduce symptoms but keep them from occurring in “Healing Your Headaches.

A recent trend in the health department is detox waters. You may have seen the recipes floating all over Pinterest. What exactly is detox water? Will it really remove the toxins from my body and make me healthier? Find out if the health benefits are real in “The Deets on Detox Waters.

One resolution that’s very common is to reduce sugar intake. In “Food for Thought,” find out why there’s more than just willpower at play.

Perhaps you’re what’s considered an older adult and have already been taking care of yourself throughout your life with healthy eating and exercising. Or maybe you’ve reached older adulthood despite poor eating habits and minimal activity and have just now decided to change your ways. Learn about the activities some older adults have been participating in and maybe you’ll take an interest in a few in “Staying Active: A Lifetime of Fitness.

Discover “The Versatility of Vinegar” as an ingredient in your cooking. Learn about “Thiamine: A Wonder Vitamin.” And don’t forget to try out some of the great recipes.

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Alia Shalabi, content manager