Assalamu Alaikum

As the year comes to a close, we bring you a variety of topics from new uses for tea to printed food and many things in between.

Would you pay $100 for an ounce of tea? Do you cook with tea? In “A Secret Ingredient” you will learn that tea is making its way into interesting food items.

Perhaps you are a Trekkie longing for a replicator to create your food fantasies or a Jetsons fan preferring a filling pill? We aren’t there yet, but check out “Futuristic Food Trends” for information on 3D food printing and other futuristic efforts.

If you are pregnant you will want to read “Folic Acid: The Unborn Child’s Lifeline” to learn about the benefits and need for folic acid.

Concerns about animal welfare in the meat industry have turned some Muslims to a vegan diet. Others have different reasons for shunning meat. Check them out in “Vegan Muslims” but understand that eating meat is not against Islamic guidance.

In this election year, how would you vote on GMOs? Examine the pros and cons in “Folly or Fodder: Clearing the Air on GMOs.”

It makes sense that skin care products contain fatty substances, so they may not be halal. But would you have guessed they may also contain human stem cells? Learn more about it in “Caring for the Skin God Gave Us.” We haven’t found the fountain of youth yet, but is there a jar of youth out there?

If life is weighing you down, check out “Stress and Your Health” for ideas on how to relax. And I thought a chocolate indulgence was the best way to relieve stress!

Finally, using honey as a sweetener is an age old application, but did you know honey can be used to prevent wounds from getting infected? Learn more in “The Sweetness of Honey.”

Quite a variety in this issue. Enjoy!


Roger M. Othman, managing editor