Assalamu Alaikum

Winter, for me, is the huddle before the game. It is a time for research and reflection so that we can set goals and make plans to achieve them in the New Year. Focusing on health and fitness is invariably on most people’s to-do list.  We’ll put you on the right track with The Fit Muslim—Come Rain or Snow, Whey to Go—The Best Kept Health (& Weight Management) Secret and Does It Have to Be Organic?

IFANCA has its 15th International Halal Food Conference in Chicago from April 11 to 13, 2013 and it’s open to all interested stakeholders.  Do consider attending if you are thinking of new business ventures. Come prepared with insights from Halal for Entrepreneurs—Your Key to New Markets. Already have a product line and it’s not meat related? The halal industry has room for you, too. Learn about The Case for Halal Certification if There Is No Meat in a Product.

As food industry insiders, we strive to keep readers posted as to the latest developments and warn of Food Fraud on US Dining Tables. Further, you may have noticed that meat, milk and egg prices are rising. When the Price Is Not Always Right explains why and what you can do about it besides finding reprieve in Comfort Foods Across Cultures. If you’re caring for a senior citizen, or are one yourself, The Dietitian Is in (with) a Prescription to Aging Gracefully.

And yes, it’s also football season and party time. For that we have the perfect recommendation—Spicy Haute Dining and Fordson: Faith, Football and the American Dream.

On that note, here’s wishing you all the best for the New Year.


Naazish YarKhan, managing editor