Assalamu Alaikum

As global trends indicate, halal certified products are increasingly being viewed as a symbol of purity and quality. Moreover, in its perception of wholesomeness, halal is rising to become a new trend. Consumers requesting “halal, organic” products could soon be the norm. In this issue we discuss what comprises organic and why it is worth your money. Talk of going organic brings to mind the myriad reasons to care for the environment. For Muslims, being environmentally conscious is a God-given responsibility. We take a closer look at both Quranic reasons and practical ways to be better vicegerents on God’s earth. Besides food products, as conscientious, halal consumers who are concerned with purity, it is essential to ascertain what goes into our personal care items and cosmetics as well. That lotion or lipstick you just purchased – are they the safest? Are they halal? Finally, Halal Consumer magazine would not be complete without a mention of ingredients. We touch upon the origins and uses of an ancient ingredient – vanilla. Just a dash of it makes all the difference. Vinegar is a condiment referred to in Prophetic Traditions dating back to the Prophet David in his Psalms, as well as the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Hadith), peace and blessings be upon them. Let’s examine what makes both these ingredients halal. Hope you enjoy learning from this issue of Halal Consumer as much I have! Wishing you a very blessed New Year!


Naazish YarKhan
Managing Editor