Assalaamu alaikum,

We hope you enjoyed a blessed Ramadan and a gratifying Eid. Just like the last issue, this issue includes a new(-ish) section. We are bringing back company spotlights, which will feature a business with IFANCA® halal-certified products. We’re excited to start with none other than Saffron Road®, one of the biggest names in ready-to-eat halal foods in the country. Their Vegetable Biryani is my personal favorite.

While you may be familiar with rice, do you know what different kinds are used for? Chef Demetrios’ article gives you an overview of the main types, as well as a few recipes to get you started. If you’re looking for something easy to top that rice with, try seaweed! It’s become popular in recent years, and the article on page 6 will tell you why.

For those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, you might want to take a look at the article “A Dietitian’s Take on Low-FODMAP Diets.” It’s not recommended as a permanent change, but it can help you discover what foods are triggers for your symptoms. As always, we recommend talking to your doctor before starting a new eating plan.

If you are looking for ideas for new healthy habits, the article “A Lifelong Exercise Plan” can help you create an exercise regimen that sticks. Don’t have enough time to exercise? Meal kits might free up a bit of time in your day. Check out “Meal Kit Madness” to learn why so many people have turned to them instead of delivery.

Lastly, the article “When It’s Not Just a Bad Mood” looks at different types of mood disorders. In particular, it offers an overview of depression and its many forms. If you find yourself relating to the symptoms described in the article, please reach out to a doctor or therapist. You deserve to get the help you need.

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Alison DeGuide, editor