Assalaamu alaikum,

Eid Mubarak. This Ramadan and Eid were little different than usual as most of us were self-distancing and sheltering-in-place. We trust you still had a rewarding Ramadan and very happy and blessed Eid.

Some of you may still be self-distancing. If so, “Fitness at a Distance” offers ideas for staying fit while avoiding the gym and crowded places.

Collagen Chronicles” discusses one of the latest trends and the importance of collagen in skin elasticity and joint flexibility.

If you still cannot make it to a restaurant and are tired of pick-up or delivery, consider new recipes and ideas. “Wheat” explores the different types available and what they are best suited for making while “The Cuisine of Lebanon” provides a number of recipes you might want to try out from the rich history of that region.

Dairy products are a good source of nutrition but for many of us, they are also a source of abdominal stress. “Lactose Intolerance” delves into one cause of this stress and how to reduce or eliminate the problem.

More and more we hear about products containing cannabidiol and the rush to market these products. While still not legal in interstate commerce, “CBD: The Next Wonder Supplement?” reviews what it is, where it is being used, and the interest in these products. Note that it is not yet legal to infuse food products with CBD or to market supplements containing it.

The future of meat is examined in “Cultured Meat: Food of the Future or Weird Science?” while not commercially available yet, cultured meat may not be far away. Will the cattle or the environment be thanking us?

Finally, be sure to try out the recipes and share your comments with us via email, Facebook, or Twitter.



Roger M. Othman, Editor