Assalamu alaikum,

Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Mubarak. We hope you had a rewarding Ramadan and we wish you Eid Mubarak. May you enjoy, tranquility, joy, and success throughout the year.

As we head into summer, we need to keep hydrated. Maintaining the proper electrolyte balance is important. That means getting enough minerals, including sodium; but it doesn’t have to all come from salt. Check out “Salt” and “Sodium” to learn about the various forms and how much is enough!

Getting your share of outdoor exercise may mean visiting your local pool or lake. In “Swimming” we share the benefits of that specific way to exercise. You may be surprised it affects more than our muscles.

With warmer temperatures, we may be on the go more. That may lead to more snacking on sweets for a quick energy jolt. “Alternate Sugars” provides insights into satisfying that ‘sweet tooth’ without having to add sugar. Do you find it difficult to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal because you are busier now? You may find some tips in “Food on Wheels.” There may not be a lot of ‘mobile’ halal options now, but you can probably find some.

If your stomach sometimes does the talking, like mine likes to do, “Gut Health” is a must read. There you will learn about all the activity happening down there and how you can support a healthier ecosystem.

One of my favorite aromas is the one around bakeries. Read about different aromas in various ethnic cuisines in “Aromatics.” It may just make your mouth water.

Finally, we hope you never have a loved one afflicted with cancer. “Breast Cancer” examines some preventive measures, treatment methods, and how this ailment that affects 12% of women in America impacts families. May God protect us.

As always, enjoy the new recipes in this issue. We look forward to your comments and suggestions. Also, if you have a favorite original recipe you would like to share with our readers, please send it to us. If we print it, you may be eligible to receive a gift. Please send your feedback and ideas, whether via email, Facebook, or Twitter.



Roger M. Othman, content manager