Assalamu Alaikum

May your Ramadan be blessed and we hope, inshallah, that this issue of Halal Consumer helps you prepare to make the most of the month. We focus on Ramadan through the lens of A Child’s First Fast and by Sharing the Essence of Ramadan. Get into The Spirit of Ramadan with these iftaar recipes. Besides its spiritual significance, we see what this holy month means to the US Economy in Ka-Ching! The Economic Impact of Ramadan. See how Dearborn’s Meals on Wheels Deliver a Recipe for Halal Success. Indeed, today, halal and Muslims touch every aspect of American life.

If the month of fasting is around the corner, can planning for Eid parties be too far behind? Perhaps you’d like to Think Outside the Envelope or explore The A-Z of Makeup. There will be just enough days after Ramadan to squeeze in a family holiday before schools reopen. Make your plans once you’ve read Halal on the Go: Vacationing While Muslim.

When it’s time to begin thinking back-to-school, whether it is National School Lunch Standards Get a Makeover & Schools Raise the Bar or Halal Finds a Home at University of Chicago, halal is now on many campuses across the nation.


Naazish YarKhan, managing editor