Assalaamu alaikum, 

From all of us at IFANCA and Halal Consumer Magazine, we’d like to wish you Eid Mubarak. We hope you enjoyed a rewarding Ramadan and a joyous Eid celebration.

Our first article in this issue features yuzu. Yuzu’s uniquely tart flavor has been popping up on menus and grocery store products across the nation. Read more about this trendy citrus on page 6.

Antioxidants are another trend in the world of health and nutrition, though they’re not new by any means. If you’ve ever wondered how they can benefit you, check out “All About Antioxidants” on page 8.

The word “healthy” has a surprisingly complex definition and history. What is considered healthy has changed over the years and continues to evolve as we delve more into nutrition science. Read more about the word and how it is defined on page 12.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to readjust in one way or another. Burnout is catching up to many of us, whether due to the stresses of returning to work, the pressure to catch up on missed activities, or even lingering concerns about the pandemic. Find out ways to cope with burnout on page 18.

Another change in recent years is the rising cost of goods, especially food prices. Check out “Eating Healthy on a Budget” on page 26 to find healthy options that won’t break the bank.

Though many factors are behind rising food prices, changing climates and worsening environmental conditions have not helped. Many have begun looking to regenerative agriculture as a way of practicing sustainability. Read more in “Regenerative Agriculture: Replenishing the Earth’s Resources” on page 28.

This issue also explores biohacking, a fun trend in health and fitness. Biohacking might sound high-tech, but it’s just another way to improve your overall health. Find tips for biohacking your lifestyle in the article on page 32.

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Alison DeGuide, editor