Assalamu Alaikum,

Ramadan is fast-approaching, but do you ever fast outside of this blessed month? Some studies suggest infrequent fasting could be good for your health. Find out more in “Fasting for Your Health.”

Something else good for your health? Fermented foods! If you’re not familiar with the term, it might not sound appealing. But, there are several common foods that fit into this category, like yogurt. Learn about the other foods and their benefits in “Fueling the Body with Fermented Foods.”

What part of the world do you live in? Is it typically hot or are there long periods of cold weather? Is it rural or metropolitan? Is the air clean or polluted? Living my whole life in Chicagoland, I often notice when I travel to beachy climates I can breathe so much easier. Perhaps it’s the ocean air. In “How Do We Rank? A Global Review,” discover some of the ways in which where we live can affect our well-being.

If you have children, you understand the challenges of feeding them nutritious foods while dining out. It seems a majority of restaurants have a wide array of options for adults, yet the same limited choices on the kids’ menu ($5 for a tiny portion of boxed mac and cheese does not fit my bill). See what else is out there as we go on “The Hunt for Healthy Kids’ Meals.

This issue is also filled with great information about “Extraordinary Barley” and “L-Cysteine: A Friend to Our Bodies,” plus tasty and nutritious recipes.

I really hope you enjoy this issue, all the ones that came before it, and all the ones yet to come. This will be my last issue. I’ve greatly enjoyed my time as a member of the IFANCA family and content manager of Halal Consumer. It’s been an incredible experience and I thank you all (staff and readers alike) for all the input you’ve given me along the way. Please continue to send your feedback and ideas, whether via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Happy Reading!


Alia Shalabi, content manager