Assalamu Alaikum

Now more than ever, what we eat is being linked to our health and wellness. So what exactly is in our food? Halal Consumer Issue 19 gives readers an insider’s perspective of the complex world of processed foods and what goes into creating the food you serve at dinner, lunch, breakfast and for snacks. A Learning Curve: Food Ingredients, Additives and Processing Aids is a great article to start with, as is Sauces and Marinades: A Halal Perspective. Learn which Traditional Ingredients Make a Comeback. You may now find them in the least expected of foods and personal care products.

We’ve been hearing of the risks that the high intake of salt poses. In US Companies Cut Back on Salt we look at what’s being done at the macro level to bring some balance to our diets. High Fructose Corn Syrup has gotten a bad reputation in these recent years. It is time to discover if it is warranted in Sugar vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup. We uncover still other myths in Lactose—Not Just In Milk. Cooking with Yvonne brings you a sampling of our resident chef’s favorite dishes. With all this talk of sugar and spice, learning how A Healthy Smile Goes a Long Way must be on the agenda, too.

Our work at IFANCA can be truly meaningful only when there is a demand for Halal products from you the consumer. IFANCA conducted a survey in 2010 which Reveals Underserved American-Muslim Halal Food Needs. What can be done about it? The answer truly lies with you, the end consumer. Or for the those with even bigger goals, there is Halal Certification 101 For Potential Entreprenuers.

Naazish YarKhan
Managing Editor