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With the arrival of autumn come crisp breezes, cooler temperatures, and changing leaves. Though for many of us, fall preparations are limited to swapping out our wardrobes, farmers need to plan ahead for colder weather. In the spotlight on page 32, you can learn about what farmers do to ensure their cows are grass-fed all year long to continue producing high-quality Organic Valley® Grassmilk®.

Changing seasons are a good time to look at changes within our own lives. Some changes are small, such as trying new versions of our favorite foods (for ideas, see the article “Butters, Condiments, and Spreads”). Other changes might not come by choice, like returning to the office. If you’re concerned about your nutrition and exercise habits falling to the wayside, check out the article “Making Healthy Choices Outside Your Home.”

For those of you physically feeling the extra pressure from your commute, the start of school, or shifting COVID-19 guidelines, you may have looked into practices like acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, or cupping to relieve stress. Though these practices have been around for centuries, they’ve resurged in popularity in recent years, as the article “Alternative Therapy: A Holistic Way to Health” can attest.

With concerns about our food system on the rise, insect protein is often touted as a reliable protein source for the future. Not sure how you feel about the idea? Check out the article “Are There Bugs in Our Food, Medicine, and Make-Up?” to learn more about the practice of entomophagy. If you prefer to imagine a future with fewer insects and more futuristic technology, delve into the world of wearable technology in “Information Technology: Red Carpet Edition.”

Lastly, the pandemic exacerbated many mental health issues, and as a result, eating disorders are on the rise. To learn more about them, read the article “Understanding Eating Disorders.” If you find yourself concerned about yourself or a loved one, please speak with a medical professional.

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Alison DeGuide, editor