Assalamu alaikum,

Eid Mubarak. We hope you enjoyed the Eid season and if you were fortunate enough to perform hajj this year, may your efforts be accepted and rewarded.

Do you remember the days when flour was either white or wheat? Who knew there were so many different types of flour? If you can’t tolerate one type, try another. Get the scoop in “Alternate Flours.”

Are you a chai latte fan? Did you experience it abroad or get introduced to it here? How did it come to America? Learn about the trend in “Sweet Meets Spicy: Chai Latte!

Missing a good night’s sleep is not fun, especially when you have a big day ahead, but for some it’s a frequent occurrence. We may even wake up tired after 8 hours of sleep. “Sleep Disorders” discusses some common issues affecting the quality of sleep and how they can be overcome.

Over 30 million Americans are diabetic and over 80 million have prediabetes. That’s a concern for one-third of all Americans. This issue brings a couple of articles that might help manage the disease if you have it or avoid getting it. Check out “Diabetic Diets” and “Insulin Resistance.”

We all know eggs are nutritious and a good source of protein. Some prefer egg substitutes. Check out “Eggs” in this issue for more information on the nutritional value and other facts.

Do animals have rights? If so, which ones? Is it only for pets, those we raise for their flesh, or those we hunt? What about dangerous wild animals? Vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters may not agree on what rights animals have, but we can all agree they have some rights. “Islamic Perspective on Animal Welfare” gives some of the basics Muslims must practice when it comes to animals.

As fall approaches, the weather is more encouraging for outdoor activities. If you are considering an outdoor exercise, read “Running” for some ideas on technique and equipment.

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Roger M. Othman, editor