Assalamu Alaikum,

Summer is officially over. Eid ul-Adha has come and gone. The kids are back in school. When the seasons change, quite often, so too do our diets. Nothing too dramatic usually—trading in the grill for the oven, adding hearty soups to the menu, replacing light summer salads with heavier fare.

Even those adhering to specific diets are afforded the option to alter their menus seasonally. But, how varied are these specialty diets to begin with? Why follow a gluten-free diet if not medically necessary? What does it mean to be Paleo? Are these “Specialty Diets: Fad or For Real?

A couple decades ago, a low-carb diet was all the rage. It’s still a popular choice for many, but are carbs really all bad? Find out in “Choosing Wisely: The Best Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of Carbs.

In almost any recipe, regardless of the type of diet you follow (or don’t), some type of oil is used. These days, you’ll see a lot more than just vegetable and olive oil. Check out “A Greasy Situation: Your Guide to Cooking Oils” to learn about some oils you may not have ever tried.

Something else you may have never tried: yoga. Have you given it a go? It’s definitely a growing trend, but is it a proper Islamic activity? “Namaste or Namaste-Away?” gives you a look at yoga and Islam.

Are you a courgette connoisseur or a picky pumpkin-eater? The varieties of squash are certainly numerous—in size, shape, color, and taste. Get the scoop on this prophetic food in “Don’t Be Bored By Gourd.

Being a halal consumer often requires some label-reading. But, do you really know what all ingredients are made of? In this issue, we take a closer look at enzymes in “The Enzyme Enigma.

Do you have a healthy relationship with food? We all get cravings every now and then, or have times when we want to eat specific items or dishes. For most of us, wanting to end a rough day with some chocolate ice cream isn’t a big deal. But what happens if every day is a rough day? Are you “At War With Food”?

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Alia Shalabi, content manager