Aasalamu Alaikum

If you have been following the latest food trends, you have probably heard of edible wrapping, clean labels, food deserts and lentil based snacks. What many consumers may not know is how closely IFANCA and halal are associated with many of those trends. In this issue, we have Unwrapped: Packing You Can Actually Eat, ask you to Snack on This: The Not-So-Lowly Lentil and draw inspiration from Clean Labels: A Story of Consumer Clout. We look at why American Halal Consumers are still asking Halal: Is it Here Yet?

On the occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha, we examine the latest trends amongst American Muslims, whether they are Getting a Head Start—Hajj Bound, Younger or exploring Do-it-Yourself Udhiyah Sacrifices or learning of Food Deserts: Scarcity in the Lands of Plenty and our obligations as human beings.

And yes, since it is the Fall season, it is also time to make Back-to-School Sandwiches, Give Thanks Like There Is No Tomorrow, and bake Thanksgiving Treats with Malika Ameen.


Naazish YarKhan, managing editor