Asalamualaikum and Greetings of Peace!

I worked on this issue of Halal Consumer while in Oman in the Middle East. Whether we ate at KFC or a local restaurant, by and large, the meat was Halal. What a pleasure! Radio and TV programming began and ended with recitation from the Quran. Extended shopping trips didn’t mean missing prayers because the malls had prayer rooms. Even my eight-year-old daughter, who was traveling with me, commented on how easy it was to be Muslims here. Taking a page out of our experiences in Oman, this issue, Halal Consumer is focusing on the aspects of life in America that make being Muslim easier. Which Halal products can we pick up from mainstream stores? Which universities in America offer Halal Dining Services? How can other students duplicate the efforts on their own campus? These are just some of the topics addressed this issue.

With the colder weather here, it’s easy to forget how much our body needs water. We just had to touch on the importance of staying hydrated. Finally, as some of you maybe aware, it’s not just food stuff but also packaging materials and manufacturing processes that get certified as Halal. When we list water bottlers as IFANCA-certified, we also mean the packaging and processes used in the bottling process are themselves Halal certified.

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Warm Regards,

Naazish YarKhan
Managing Editor