IFANCA AT IFT FOOD EXPO: Institute of Food technologists (IFT) is leading the way for food professionals and food companies, into the next millennium. IFT organizes many activities. FOOD EXPO is one of them. FOOD EXPO is a place for free exchange of new technologies and services. This year, for the first time IFANCA is organizing a booth at this international exhibition to introduce its Halal certification services to the industry. On the cover of this issue you can see the names of many companies that produces Halal products under IFANCA’s supervision. We hope to attract more companies to join the family of Crescent “M” Halal certified companies. IFANCA is also very active internationally, working with Muslim countries and Muslim organizations in promoting Halal. A complete report of the IFANCA official’s visit to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia also appears in this issue. This issue of the Islamic Perspective is dedicated to the IFT FOOD EXPO.