Alhamdu Lillah, Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) was once again called upon by many Muslim brothers and sisters to continue publishing a periodic newsletter. In the past the IFANCA published its newsletter “The Islamic Perspective.”

IFANCA receives several inquiries about ingredients of the food and consumable products. Insha’Allah, we will address these concerns through this newsletter. We urge all Muslim brothers and sisters to participate and share their concerns by sending questions and short articles about Halal food and nutrition. In this issue we are bringing out a vital concern facing Muslims. It is the misconception about Kosher Gelatin. Many Muslims may not be aware that gelatin is a product of animal origin and Kosher gelatin does not mean that it is Halal and good for Muslim consumption. In this issue, we briefly discussed why Kosher Gelatin is not Halal.

Also, we have included a winning article “Why Should Muslims Eat Halal?” This essay won the first place among the students of grade 11th and 12th, in an essay writing contest organized by IFANCA.

Until next time……Wassalamu alaikum!!!!