For the consumer, the benefits of IFANCA Halal certification are clear: knowing a product is Halal certified means they don’t have to spends hours at the grocery store, checking all the ingredients. They can purchase the product with the assurance it does not contain anything that is Haram or doubtful.

What about the producer? What benefits do they receive from IFANCA Halal certification? Actually, the benefits for the producer are just as great.

For starters, they get the expertise of the IFANCA staff in reviewing their products, the ingredients, the preparation and processing and the hygiene and sanitation procedures. Of course, this is all done confidentially so there is no concern of competitors learning anything about the products. However, it does provide an independent third party quality assurance step, which is valued by the consumer.

IFANCA has developed a documented procedure for producing Halal products. The procedure is consistent with HACCP and other quality assurance standards and is easily implemented. IFANCA works with the producer every step of the way to make sure all questions are answered and the Halal procedures are integrated into the standard operating procedures.

IFANCA provides training in Halal to the key personnel, who pass on this training to the other staff so they know proper methods of production.

IFANCA provides consulting on product development, marketing and quality assurance to help roll out new products for the Halal consumer. IFANCA offices are available for this consultation year-round and it is part of the services we provide to client companies.

Once a product meets the requirements for Halal certification, a certificate is issued. This can be done electronically, if that is preferred. The IFANCA Halal certificate has worldwide acceptance. From Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the rest of the Middle East, through Europe and North and South America, IFANCA certified Halal products have delighted and satisfied consumers.

Once the product is certified, permission is granted to display the IFANCA certification logo, the Crescent M, on the product packaging and label. This is a valuable assurance that the product is an authentic Halal certified product, certified by IFANCA and meeting the highest quality of Halal certification.

Once a retail product is Halal certified, the company and product are listed on our website, Anyone interested in Halal products can check the website and find the product. In addition, anyone searching for Halal, will find their way to the IFANCA website. Halal ingredients will soon be listed on the web site.

The Halal certified products, the Halal certified ingredients and the companies are listed in the Halal Consumer magazine, published twice a year. With a circulation of 40,000 copies per issue, the information is available to Halal consumers around the world.

New Halal certified products and companies are listed in the Halal Digest, the web based newsletter. This is an announcement that the products are now produced to the stringent IFANCA Halal requirements.

Frequently, IFANCA issues news releases to introduce the new Halal certified products. This works best when coordinated with news releases by the certified company.

IFANCA refers seekers of the certified products and ingredients to the certified companies. IFANCA receives frequent requests for Halal products from consumers, educational institutes, food service organizations, foreign importers and others, seeking Halal certified products or Halal ingredients.

Finally, IFANCA Halal certified companies enjoy reduced fees at the IFANCA sponsored Halal Food Conferences. These conferences, which have been held annually since 1999, bring the food industry together to listen to and interact with renowned speakers from around the world. They learn about the Halal market, the needs of the Halal consumers and the trends in the Halal industry around the world. They return to their staffs with new information on how to remain competitive in a global environment.

For the Halal food producer, this means immediate acceptance of the Halal certification by the Halal consuming community around the world. The IFANCA logo portrays the Halal authenticity!