1980 A group of scientific scholars met in Chicago and decided to establish a technical Islamic organization to help Muslim consumers in the USA with information about the halal status of food products.
1981 First halal / haram Product list distributed. First Newsletter, “Halal Food & Nutrition” printed. First Seminar held in Chicago.
1982 IFANCA Registered / incorporated in the State of Illinois. Newsletter “The Islamic Perspective” launched.
1983 Seminars and Newsletters continue.
1984 Halal Certification started with a toothpaste manufacturer.
1985 Shifted from halal / haram lists to reading the ingredients. Published halal status of ingredients. Seminars and newsletters continue.
1986 Recognized by USDA as an arbiter to resolve disputes regarding Halal.
1987 Developed a new procedure for halal mechanical slaughter
1988 First book on Islamic Dietary Laws published.
1989 Approved by Malaysian government as a Halal certifier.
1990 Publishing and certification work continues. Recognized by Muslim World League, Saudi Arabia.
1991 Seminars, newsletter and certification continue. Recognized by MUIS, Singapore.
1992 Entered agreement with McDonald’s to certify some of their fries for export. The work still continues in 2002.
1995 Worked with steel industry to eliminate the use of animal based lubricants. Made the national news on CNN and Newsweek.
1996 Heightened focus on certification. Two textbooks published.
1997 Developed procedures for military MRE’s, published a booklet for the same.
1998 Inception of website, www.ifanca.org.
1999 Developed teaching material for Cornell University. 1st International Halal Food Conference held in Chicago where both industry and Muslim consumers participated. Memos of Understanding entered into with Thailand and Indonesia for cooperation. Started World Halal Food Council along with many other national and international halal certifying organizations.
2000 2nd International Halal Conference held in Los Angeles.
2001 3rd International Halal Food Conference, Paris. Certification grows to almost 200 companies. New Magazine, “Halal Consumer” started.
2002 4th International Halal Food Conference held in Toronto. Halal Digest newsletter started on the Internet. Halal Consumer Magazine continues.
2003 5th International Halal Food Conference held in Chicago. Newsletter and Magazine are well established. Website continuously updated. Participated in a Conference in Egypt on export marketing. Certified companies reach over 300 in USA, over 400 worldwide.
2004 6th International Halal Food Conference, Brussels.
2005 7th International Halal Food Conference in Durban, South Africa.
2006 8th International Halal Food Conference held in Amsterdam. Research Center inaugurated to facilitate work with the industry for halal certification, carry out research to understand marketing trends, provide logistical support to IFANCA offices and affiliates in other countries.
2007 22,00 companies IFANCA-Halal certified, globally. 9th International Halal Food Conference and Banquet, held in Chicago.